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Memetics and P2P-dividends

"…recognizing memes as independent replicators whose only concern is replication of themselves regardless of consequences to the host organism

"…we can now state that the resident memes, both protective and pathogenic, are memes the brain acquired from the meme pool that we call culture.

P2P-dividend protocols enable a more decentralised flow of memes


OpenUDC and uCoin are pioneering this market. They are useful pieces of software. But, I think there are smarter dividend-algorithms then the one they use. I also think ripple - IOUs - is a more self-organizing and scalable solution then limited supply currencies

In early spring 2013, I designed a basic income crypto-currency that I called Res (resilience). I tried to design the smartest system I could come up with. I still think that some of those designs are better then anything I´ve seen around the web.

In short, it´s Ripple + Basic Income. The implementation of dividends follows ripple patterns, and is fully decentralized and p2p. If you can visualize ripple, then just add a layer of redistribution. Redistribution of IOUs. That´s what I would build on. 

So, as no one else has defined Ripple + P2P-dividends, I´ll refer to that system as Res(ilience).

The premise of any protocol design is to start with a problem, the best algorithm is the algorithm which most efficiently and effectively solves the problem. Provide a basic dividend to a decentralized pseudo-anonymous group of owners as a means of providing an axillary safety-net that cannot be shut down by any government or coorporation. Optimize the distribution of resources and our ability to co-create along the principles of collective intelligence. No one has done this before, we all get to co-create this together.